The Neurovascular Research Unit (UIN)

Located at the Department of Pharmacology of the Universidad Complutense School of Medicine, is coordinated by Ignacio Lizasoain and María Ángeles Moro and is formed by more than 10 scientists including postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and technicians. The UIN has been created with a dual role, aimed at both research interests and pre (and post) graduate education. As part of academia, a cardinal objective of the unit is the training of future researchers and university professors and lecturers, as well a generation of knowledge. As a research institution, the unit is devoted to the study of the cerebrovascular disease from a basic point of view but also with a strong translational projection, a vocation due to the location in a School of Medicine and developed through a tight partnership with clinical teams. An additional ambition of UIN is the generation of results with industrial interest.

Since the UIN started in 1998, several results in relation with stroke have been published: J ExpMed, Circulation, J Neurosci, Ann Neurol, FASEB J, Brain Res Rev, Stroke, J CerebBloodFlowMetab, J NeuropatholExpNeurol, J Neurochem, NeurobiolDis, Eur J Neurosci, among others. Quality of theses publications has been demonstrated due to several indices: in January 2013 ISI Web of Knowledge stated that papers from Dra. Moro and Dr. Lizasoain (both with “h”40) have received more than 5.000 cites respectively. Besides, five of their papers received more than 100 cites each one. Both researchers have an impact index over 550.

The UIN performs preclinical studies to demonstrate efficacy of the drug candidates.

Stereological and Flow Cytometry Characterization of Leukocyte Subpopulations in Models of Transient or Permanent Cerebral Ischemia

Aptamer Research Group (IRYCIS - Hospital Ramón y Cajal)

Led by Dr. Victor Manuel Gonzalez, the Group brings the technology of selection and characterization of aptamers developed and implemented by them during the past 12 years. During that time, new methods of aptamers selection and detection systems using aptamers as biorecognition molecule have been developed, and aptamers against different targets have been selected.

Through a strategic collaboration agreement, the Group collaborates closely with Aptus Biotech. This collaboration comprehends both R&D projects and aptamer selection services. The Group is also providing new aptamers to be incorporated in the Aptateca (aptamer catalog) with commercial interest.

The Aptamer Research Group and the IRYCIS collaborate with AptaTargets performing validation studies at preclinical stages and providing scientific support.

Aptus Biotech

Aptus Biotech is a biotech start-up founded in 2010 from a collaboration agreement with the Ramon y Cajal Hospital Foundation. Its goal is to develop new biotechnological applications based on aptamer technology.

APTUS activities are focused on:

Aptus will directly collaborate with AptaTargets, providing expertise and technical support in aptamer technology.

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