Management Team

David Segarra | AptaTargets

David Segarra, CEO: MBA from IESE Business School and University of California Berkeley, Master of Science in Engineering from Barcelona Tech (UPC) and Master in Business Biotechnology. Has been co-founder and CEO of Aptus Biotech (therapeutic and diagnostic applications based on aptamer technology), Igen biotech (development and marketing of Genetic and Epigenetic kits for clinical use); partner and advisor of investing platform Growth Factor Biocapital. Has also been advisor of medical institutions on innovation strategies.

Mª Eugenia Zarabozo | AptaTargets

Mª Eugenia Zarabozo, CFO-CLO: Law degree and Master in Business Biotechnology. Has been co-founder and operations manager at Aptus Biotech (therapeutic and diagnostic applications based on aptamers), CLO at Igen Biotech and partner and advisor of the investing platform Growth Factor Biocapital. Has also been advisor of the Hospital Puerta de Hierro Biomedical Research Foundation, in Madrid. She has deep expertise in licensing, intellectual property rights, regulatory affairs and Bioethics.

Macarena Hernandez | AptaTargets

Macarena Hernandez Jiménez, Project Manager & CSO: Ph.D in Pharmacology owns more than 10 years of scientific experience in Neurology and Pharmacology in the field of Cerebrovascular Diseases, including a six-year post-doctoral period in Stroke National Investigation consortium (INVICTUS). Has also collaborated with Ramón y Cajal and 12 Octubre hospitals in evaluation of preclinical studies.

Gerónimo Fernandez | AptaTargets

Gerónimo Fernández, Aptamer Discovery: Ph.D in Chemistry owns more than 15 year experience in the development of dendrimers for delivery of nucleic acids (Dendrico), development of therapeutic siRNAs (Nlife Therapeutics) and discovery of therapeutic aptamers (Aptus Biotech).

Jose Lluis Falcó | AptaTargets

Josep Lluís Falcó, Business Strategy & CMC: Ph.D in Chemistry and MBA, has 16 years of experience in the pharma industry (Sanofi, Ferrer, Asphalion, Antares Consulting and biotech start-ups). Expert in drug development and regulatory affairs, has worked in Central Nervous System, Antibacterials, Immunomodulation, Cardiovascular and Oncology.

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Ignacio Lizasoain | AtaTargets

Dr. Ignacio Lizasoain, Ph.D.: Medical Doctor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology of the Universidad Complutense School of Medicine. Leads the Neurovascular Research Unit (UIN), which is part of the Pharmacology Department. As a research institution, the unit is devoted to the study of the cerebrovascular disease from a basic point of view but also with a strong translational projection. Results obtained by the UIN about the linkage between TLR-4 and stroke are the basis of the present project (Circulation, 2007). Dr. Lizasoain has collaborated with the Wellcome Foundation (UK) Prof. Salvador Moncada, the Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard Medical School (USA) with Prof. Eng. H Lo and the Trinity College of Dublín (Ireland).

Víctor Manuel González | AtaTargets

Víctor Manuel González, Ph.D.: researcher at the Ramon y Cajal Research Institute (IRYCIS) where is currently leading the Aptamers Research Group. PhD in Molecular Biology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He worked at the Centro de Biología Molecular “Severo Ochoa” (CSIC-UAM) in Madrid, at the Cancer Geriatric Center, University of Michigan, at the Universidad de Alcalá and the CNB (National Biotechnology Center) in Madrid. In 2010 co-founded Aptus Biotech and become CSO of the company. Dr. González own a deep knowledge and expertise on aptamer technology.

Dr. Joaquin Casariego | AtaTargets

Dr. Joaquín Casariego, Medical Advisor: MD and MBA, has 16 years of experience as Medical Officer in the pharma industry. Has been European Medical Director in Urology at Eli Lilly, Global Medical Director in the Urology Center of Excellence at GlaxoSmithKline and General Manager of the Spanish Network of Clinical Trials-CAIBER (Carlos III Health Institute).

Dr. Marc Ribó | AptaTargets

Dr. Marc Ribó, Medical Advisor: Ph.D in Medicine, Neurologist and Stroke Fellowship at University of Texas-Houston. Developed his professional activity in the field of cerebrovascular diseases with special interest in the acute phase of ischemic stroke and in particular in promoting reperfusion treatments either systemic or endovascular. Dr. Ribó is co-founder of Anaconda Biomed, a Barcelona based medical device start-up.