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First Patient in the ApTOLL-FIH-01 trial: a Phase I trial in healthy volunteers

(Jun, 2019) AptaTargets has started the First-in-human ApTOLL-FIH-01 trial, a dose ascending, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial to assess tolerability and pharmacokinetics of ApTOLL in healthy volunteers. ApTOLL is a DNA aptamer which has been selected to antagonize TLR4 with high specificity and, therefore, to block the inflammatory response released after the stroke onset and substantially reducing brain damage.

RETOS funding for the ApTOLL stroke program

(Dec, 2018) AptaTargets is the leader of the NeuroToll project, aiming to the clinical development of ApTOLL, an innovative neuroprotective drug for the acute treatment of stroke. The project focuses in stroke program, advancing from late preclinical phase and up to clinical trials Phase II in stroke patients The project has obtained funding from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities through the RETOS-COLABORACION program, which includes FEDER funding (RTC-2017-6651-1). The consortium is formed by AptaTargets along with several hospitals of reference in the stroke field, such as Germans Trias i Pujol (HGTiP, Barcelona), La Princesa (HULP, Madrid), Virgen del Rocio and Macarena (FISEVI, Sevilla). The project has an aggregated budget of around 3.1 M EU.

AptaTargets gets new funding from the RETOS-program for exploring inflammatory pathologies

(Dec, 2018) A Consortium led by AptaTargets has been awarded with public funding from the RETOS program for exploring new indications for ApTOLL, a DNA aptamer targeting TLR4 with an anti-inflammatory effect. The Consortium RETOS-SafeTOLL (RTC-2017-6283-1) is also composed by the Neurovascular Research Unit (Complutense University, Madrid) and the Institute of Biomedical Research (UAM-CSIC, Madrid) and has a total budget of 503,800 EU.

AptaTargets: finalist award at the EIT Health annual meeting 2018

(Dec, 2018) AptaTargets attended the EIT health annual meeting held at the IESE Business School in Barcelona and was awarded with the finalist award of the Spanish Health Catapult program. AptaTargets is part of the EIT Health community and during 2018 has also been awarded with the EIT Health Headstart program.

AptaTargets gets funds from NEOTEC Program

(March, 2018) The Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) has granted AptaTargets with funds from the Neotec Program. AptaTargets aims to advance in the pre-clinical and clinical development of ApToll (a molecule based on aptamer technology and targeting inflammation) in acute ischemic stroke and other indications (myocardial infarction and Multiple Sclerosis).

AptaTargets closes €2.7- million round of funding for new stroke treatment

'la Caixa', throught their venture capital arm Caixa Capital Risc, and Inveready have invested €2.7 million in AptaTargets, which will allow this biopharmaceutical company to complete the preclinical phase and move into phase I and II clinical trials on its first drug candidate (ApTOLL) to treat acute ischemic stroke. Press release

ApToll gets funds from Retos-2015 Program

(Dec, 2015) The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness has granted AptaTargets with funds from the National Research, Development and Innovation Program oriented to Social Challenges, within the 2013-2016 National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation. The ApTOLL project aims to advance in the preclinical development of a molecule based on aptamer technology for acute stroke and myocardial infarction. The consortium is led by the company AptaTargets and are also participating Aptus Biotech, the Neurovascular Research Unit (Complutense University) and the Institute of Biomedical Research (UAM-CSIC). The project is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and funds from the European Union, within the objective of promoting the technological development, innovation and research.

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Caixa Capital supports AptaTargets

(May, 2015) AptaTargets has received financial support from Caixa Capital Risc (the Venture Capital from CaixaBank), with the aim of advancing with the development of an innovative therapy based on aptamer technology for treatment of Acute Stroke.

AptaTargets completes the first capital call

(Jan, 2015). AptaTargets has successfully completed the first capital call: with the first injection of capital, the company will carry out the R&D Plan for 2015 which aims to develop preclinical studies (non GLP) to validate candidate efficacy and to determine a first toxicology and pharmacokinetics profile.

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