A new study shows the cerebroprotective effects of ApTOLL on mice with acute ischemic strokeels
Preclinical studies validate the potential of ApTOLL to reduce inflammation and regenerate myelin in models of multiple sclerosis
aptaTargets CSO Macarena Hernández will speak at the 10th European Stroke Conference
aptaTargets secures €2.5 million from the EU to initiate the Phase 2b clinical trial in patients with ischemic stroke
aptaTargets receives a €1.9 million grant from the Community of Madrid
aptaTargets receives €4 M for the Phase 2b clinical trial with ApTOLL in patients with ischemic stroke
aptaTargets participates in a study with world leaders in stroke to improve enrollment in clinical trials
‘JAMA Neurology’ publishes the results from Phase 1b/2a clinical trial of the neuroprotective drug ApTOLL for ischemic stroke
Doctor Marc Ribó receives an award from the Spanish Society of Neurology
aptaTargets receives PRIME designation from the European Medicines Agency for ApTOLL in ischemic stroke
ApTOLL reduces mortality from 18% to 5% in a Phase 1b/2a trial in ischemic stroke patients
aptaTargets, IRYCIS, IDIBELL, IdISSC and ISABIAL awarded €2.5 million grant to evaluate ApTOLL for acute myocardial infarction
aptaTargets, VHIR, IDIBELL, IGTP and IDIBGI awarded €3.5 million grant to evaluate ApTOLL in ambulances
aptaTargets announces positive preliminary data from the ApTOLL Phase 2a clinical trial for stroke
aptaTargets to present ApTOLL at the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Conference 2022 in United Kingdom
aptaTargets visits Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem with ICEX and MedTech Actuator
aptaTargets presents ApTOLL at the International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference 2022
aptaTargets completes recruitment for Phase 2a clinical trial of ApTOLL in stroke
aptaTargets’ Phase 1b clinical data for ApTOLL published in ‘Molecular Therapy: Nucleic Acids’ journal
aptaTargets announces first patient dosed in the clinical trial of ApTOLL for COVID-19
aptaTargets joins a consortium to accelerate RNA-based therapies in Spain
aptaTargets to present new ApTOLL clinical data at the International Stroke Conference 2022
aptaTargets tests an aptamer in COVID-19 patients
aptaTargets awarded with the Programa Cheque Innovación 2021 from Comunidad de Madrid
CDTI-Cervera program
APRIL trial update: completed enrollment and dosing for Phase 1b
CDTI-PID program
APRIL trial (Acute Ischemic Stroke) gets authorization by the ANSM (France) and the BfArM (Germany)
aptaTargets starts Phase 1b/2a clinical trial with ApTOLL in stroke patients
aptaTargets closes a second round of €5 million
ApTOLL efficacy in myocardial infarction
Authorization to start the APRIL trial
RETOS funding for the ApTOLL stroke program
Torres Quevedo grant
aptaTargets announces completion of enrollment in the Phase I study of ApTOLL in healthy volunteers
EIT Health
First Patient in the ApTOLL-FIH-01 trial: <span class="light">a Phase I trial in healthy volunteers</span>
aptaTargets: finalist award <span class="light">at the EIT Health annual meeting 2018</span>
aptaTargets gets new funding from the RETOS-program <span class="light"> for exploring inflammatory pathologies</span>
RETOS funding for the ApTOLL stroke program
aptaTargets: awarded by Doctorado Industrial Program
EIT Health
aptaTargets gets funds from NEOTEC Program
aptaTargets closes €2.7- million round of funding for new stroke treatment
ApTOLL gets funds from Retos-2015 Program